Blue Apatite Tower


This is for the EXACT Blue Apatite Tower shown. Apatite boosts motivation and replenishes energy. It fosters openness and social ease while assisting with self-consciousness and alienation. It helps to relieve sadness and anger, as well as impatience and emotional tiredness. The uplifting energy of blue apatite lifts one’s spirits, fostering a positive outlook and a hopeful mindset. May contain natural cracks or fractures.  

Size: 75 x 50 x 40 mm. Weighs 258 grams.(3 x 2 x 1.6 inches. Wt: 9.1 ounces.)

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Primary Information

Apatite gets its name from a Greek term that means “to fool,” because the stone comes in a wide range of colors and formations that make it easy to confuse with other minerals. It can be yellow, blue, green, brown, gray, or colorless, but metaphysical Apatite is mostly made up of higher-quality crystal pieces in blue, green, and gold.

Healing Properties

Blue apatite is a very spiritual stone that has a cleaning effect on the aura, particularly in the mental body – the vibratory level linked to psychic awareness and paranormal powers. Because of its ability to access the energy levels where the Akashic records and an individual’s soul patterns exist, it is a particularly powerful stone to utilize in past-life or alternate-life work. It’s a great dream stone for creative problem solving and vertical vision, where you can perceive various layers of consciousness working in harmony and at the same time.

Best Used For

  • Motivation, independence, & ambition.
  • Public speaking and enhancing group communication.
  • Improves concentration and memory skills. 
  • aids in time management when working on projects.
  • For business consultants, and account or investment managers. I
  • Helpful during times of unemployment or a reduction in work hours to find alternative employment, and may be supportive of those forced into early retirement.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Translates our humanitarian aspirations into healing, information, communication, and teaching.
  • Alleviates fear associated with dental treatment.

Additional information

Weight 0.56875 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1.6 in



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