Angelite Tower (2-3″)


This is for one Angelite Tower. Due to the nature of this material, white or brown spots may be present. Angelite enhances one’s sense of self-awareness. It is a symbol of peace and brotherhood. Angelite helps you connect with your higher self and connect with your angels and spirit guides. It facilitates astral travel and spirit travels while also enhancing psychic healing and telepathic communication. Sold individually.  Each stone is different, the photo shows typical ones. 

Size is approximately 58 x 14 x 12 mm.(2.3 x .6 x .5 inches.)

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Angelite clears the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, as well as sending energy to the Soul Star chakra. Higher vibrations given to these Chakras promote spiritual development, improved intuition, and clearer communication. The capacity of Angelite to unblock the top chakras clears the way for higher frequency information to enter the auric field and be processed by the lower chakras.

During meditation, Angelite (Anhydrite) can be utilized to strengthen the meditative state and to explain concerns in one’s current circumstances as they occur. Angelite permits inspiration from guides, guardians, and/or angels to be deposited into the chakras, allowing them to be absorbed into the whole even after working with the stone.

Angelite is an excellent stone for simplifying communication attempts by reducing tension, assisting in the clear expression of one’s thoughts, and assisting in the true understanding of others’ perspectives. It also encourages users to be truthful to themselves and others, as well as accept situations as they are. Angelite is also a helpful stone for concentrating and focusing.

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