Aquamarine Specimen


Sea green/blue Aquamarine summons the immaculateness of crystalline waters and the invigoration and unwinding of the ocean. It is quieting, calming, and purging, and rouses truth, trust and giving up.

Aquamarine is valuable for traveling through progress and change, its purifying vitality expelling opposition and helping one conquer a dread of the obscure. It helps in the arrival of psychological pressure, yet also the removal of physical things and mess.

Source: Namibia, South Africa

Size: 1.5x 1x 0.75 inches. Weight is 24 grams 

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Primary Information

Aquamarine helps balance exorbitant outrage or dread, and clears past spiritual, physical or boisterous attack. It is an astounding stone for kids who have experienced horrendous circumstances and behaving rebellious or who have disassociated from their higher self. It aids in recuperating from the impact of over-critical guardians who set inconceivable expectations, and fits of anxiety waiting from blame and insufficiency for adulthood.

Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is a Water component stone, incredible for purifying the spiritual body and opening connections. Its delicate energy carries known emotions to the surface and helps with understanding the explanation behind clutching old beliefs that are constraining moving forward. It additionally distinguishes where personality is making one go overboard,  control others, or crucify oneself. By deliberately discharging these emotions, it takes into account better connections, love and empathy.

Physical Healing

Aquamarine is a stone of breath, the respiratory tract, and the lungs. It can restore sinus conditions and incessant hacking, and is compelling for high fever and other interminable hypersensitivities. It eases colds and bronchitis.

Aquamarine is a cooling stone, countering contaminations and valuable for laryngitis, strep throat or an irritated throat. It orchestrates the pituitary and thyroid organs, directing hormones and growth.It is valuable for teeth and gum issues.

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