Fluorite Point Gem Water Bottle


A beautiful Fluorite Point Gem Water Bottle. It is made of double-layered glass. It contains a bottom piece (“gempod”), filled with a Fluorite Point. 

All you need is … water. And when you add Fluorite the quintessential stone of balance, anything is possible! Fluorite encourages and sustains the flawless ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being by purifying, restructuring, or eliminating anything within the physical or subtle bodies that is not in perfect order.

You will receive the typical item shown. 

SIZE: Size is about 240 mm tall and 66 mm wide. Weight is approximately 520 grams. Comes with black protective sleeve. 

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Primary Information

Fluorite is one of the most collectible and exceptionally looked for precious stones on the planet, cherished by mineralogists and magical healers the same. Its noteworthy colors are now and again, too immaculate to even think about believing, layering like an enchanted treasure. Fluorite is an unprecedented production of Nature, wonderful and iridescent, delicate and lustrous, regularly dynamic in shading, with an interior structure of request and flawlessness that resounds with the human psyche like no other gem. It conveys a quiet, stable recurrence that carries request to turmoil, and dissipated and harsh energies into attachment and amicability. Fluorite bolsters otherworldliness and thought, center and focus, and parity in all parts of one’s life.

Emotional Healing

Fluorite has an amazing, balancing impact on the spiritual and emotional body, assisting one with thinking “through” one’s emotions when overpowered and to permit an intelligible example to rise that breaks down disarray, instability, dread of things to come, or of settling on an off-base choice. It tenderly energy carries hidden emotions to the surface for clarification, and is advantageous in countering mental scatters.  It expands fearlessness and structures one’s vitality to uncover one’s actual potential.

Physical Healing

Fluorite supports and continues the impeccable perfection of wellbeing, keenness and enthusiastic prosperity by filtering, rebuilding, or disposing of anything inside the physical or inconspicuous bodies that isn’t in flawless request. It might be utilized to disperse clutters toward the start of side effects, and is viewed as a characteristic antiviral, insusceptible trigger, and mitigating operator.

It is exceptionally gainful to the skin, mucous layers and respiratory tract, and might be used to disperse manifestations of colds and influenza, sinusitis, bronchitis, dry hack, emphysema and pneumonia, just as staph and strep diseases, blister and herpes, ulcers, shingles and nerve-related agony. Fluorite may likewise be utilized in medicines of savage or exceptionally irresistible malady, just as a defensive deterrent for the individuals who work with contaminated patients.

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