Green Aventurine Vortex Pendant

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Green Aventurine is highly regarded as the “Stone of Opportunity,” believed to be the most fortunate of all crystals, particularly in manifesting success and abundance, or for enhancing support in sports or card games. Its triumphant energy makes it a considerable tool for elevating one’s odds in any situation – a romantic encounter, tax audit, even landing a job advancement.  

This pendant is made with an authentic, natural crystal or stone that is hand selected.This pendant was made carefully to attune the Universal Life Force with the harmony of the setting and the metaphysical properties of the stones.  The result is a pendant of high energy and focus.  You will find these to be energizing and refreshing to wear or use. This pendant contains a variety of uses from being used as a necklace to being hung in your vehicle as a good luck charm. This specific pendant was created just for you. It is wrapped with silver colored wire and it comes with a 20-inch black satin cord with a 2-inch extension and lobster clasp. 

Size: 1 1/4- 1 1/2 inches in length.

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Primary Information

This wonderful stone, in any case, isn’t simply an attractor of karma, however one that adjusts conditions so “opportunity” is inescapable. Green Aventurine discharges old thought processes, propensities and dissatisfactions so new development can happen. It brings positive thinking and a pizzazz, permitting one to push ahead with certainty and to grasp change. It upgrades one’s innovativeness and inspiration, and empowers determination in moving life’s obstructions. It likewise fortifies one’s conclusiveness and intensifies initiative characteristics, infusing a comical inclination and receptiveness to the thoughts of others.

Emotional Healing

Green Aventurine’s calming energy adjusts the spiritual body, managing one towards internal amicability. It quiets apprehension, outrage and bothering, and helps break up the regular worry of a frenzied way of life. It calms wandering musings and improves rest while giving a delicate establishing impact on one’s vibrational field. It discharges the idea that each occasion must be examined.

Green Aventurine additionally calms emotional pain, permitting one to perceive the issues behind ailment or awkwardness, discouragement or rout, and to encourage the arrival of unfortunate connections and grief. It urges one to see hardships in life as temporary, as an open door for development towards another path, and for accepting all things. It motivates a sentiment of daintiness, even amusingness, which would then be able to invigorate a reestablished feeling of good faith, happiness and expectation. It is a reaffirming stone, particularly during times of progress or change and can be the passionate grapple one needs to stay stable and solidly grounded.

Physical Healing

Green Aventurine is an especially strong aid of the heart, and is brilliant for those with cardiovascular conditions, circulatory issues, or recuperating from medical procedure or sickness. It encourages nurturing energy all through the body and causes action and development while aiding physical regeneration. It may give an additional lift in endeavors to bring down cholesterol and in forestalling arteriosclerosis and coronary failure.

Green Aventurine is likewise thought to facilitate fertility and genito-urinary issues; visual perception, particularly far-sightedness and astigmatism; dyslexia, dypraxia, and cerebral paralysis. It helps with recuperating the adrenals, lungs, thymus organ and the sensory system.