Herkimer Diamond Crystal Essence

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Herkimer Diamond Crystal Essence – This is an undiluted essence and each bottle is pure “mother essence” of Herkimer Diamond Vibrational Energy. This Crystal Elixir is a combination of spring water, apple cider vinegar (as a preservative) and Herkimer Diamond Vibrational Energy. 

To create this vibrational essence, the energy of high-frequency Herkimer Diamond crystals was alchemically transferred into spring water, with the help of the Sun, Nature Spirits, Elementals, and Devas, and Clear Quartz crystals.

Includes information tag attached to the bottle. 

Size: 30 ml bottle containing approximately 600 drops

Uses:  High Energy Elixir 

Primary Uses:  Herkimer Diamond essence is beneficial if you are working on your spiritual evolution, the development of higher spiritual abilities and connections. It will keep a very high vibrational energy flowing through you in a balanced and purifying way, enabling you to tap into your Higher Dimensional Self and its gifts, and to hold a higher Light quotient. Herkimer is also very good to assist with dream work, and to promote clarity and focus.

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Primary uses

  • Herkimer Diamonds activate the upper chakras, namely the Third Eye, Crown, and Transpersonal Chakras above the head, enabling very high frequency energy to enter the body. They assist one with attuning to and integrating these frequencies to help with spiritual growth and ascension, activating Clairvoyance, Clairaudence, and Clairsentience. 
  • Herkimers also work well during the dream state to produce more lucid dreams and better recall. They are very purifying stones, which help with detoxification of the body and energetic environment, so more clear energy can filter into the physical self, and the self can hold more Light. When one holds more Light, one is better able to connect with the Higher Realms and with their Higher Dimensional Self, and perception and reality shift to a higher level. 
  • Herkimers also assist with providing clarity of thought and problem solving, as they increase focus and manifestation with their high vibration.
  • Essences enjoy a reputation of being highly effective and very safe to use. Crystal Essences, or Crystal drops as some people like to call them, can be taken directly from the dosage bottle.
  • Each bottle consists of spring water, 20% Apple Cider Vinegar (for preservation), and the Crystal Vibrational Essence.


  • Add three (3) to seven (7) drops of Crystal Essence to a glass of water and sip at intervals throughout the day. For best results, use only still spring water or distilled water.
  • Place three (3) drops directly on the tongue as often as needed.Place three (3) to seven (7) drops to bath water.
  • Place three (3) drops directly on the pulse points.
  • Place three (3) drops on the affected area e.g. on the temple for easing a headache – NB not to an open wound.
  • Place three (3) drops directly on the relevant chakra/s.
  • Add a few drops to food or drink.
  • Tip: For added potency, affirm a positive statement, while taking or applying the Crystal Essence

Comments from direct experience

 “I felt a very strong vibration move up me. I had the sensation like I was floating and was lifted out of my body. The essence cleared my clairaudient channels, activated my Pineal Gland/Third Eye, strengthened the column of Light that flowed into my Crown Chakra, up to my 18th chakra, connecting me to Universal Energy–WOW!”


  • As everyone is different, no claims are made on what exact effect the essence will have on each individual. Please note that this essence is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor is it a medicine.

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