Quartz Tower-1.25″


This is for ONE Quartz Tower. Quartz is considered the “master healer” because it is known to boost energy, thought, and the effects of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Negative energy of all types is drawn away by clear quartz. Quartz allows all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to become balanced and revitalized. It acts as a deep soul cleanser, bridging the gap between the physical and mental dimensions. Clear Quartz helps to improve psychic powers, focus, and memory. You will receive the typical item shown. 

Size:  Size is approximately 1.25 inches in length on its longest side. Sold individually. 

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Primary Information

Similar properties of vitality enhancement, programmability and memory likewise clarify Quartz the most flexible and multidimensional stone in the mineral realm. It is best used for mending, reflection, development of cognizance, correspondence with guides, previous existence attraction, affection or success, or for all intents and purposes of any reason. Be that as it may, with this force comes obligation. To profit by this particular stones endowments, one must feel in amicability with it and merit its blessings. Purpose other than for good unavoidably brings hurt back on oneself. Clear Quartz carries quality and lucidity to the insight, helping focus and memory maintenance, and sifting through interruptions. Its mesmerizing quality is helpful for rest, helping one to comprehend the messages and exercises passed on during the fantasy state. It is additionally a regarded stone for death, remembered for some societies in memorial service customs and put in tombs, urns, and catacombs.

Emotional Healing

Clear Quartz goes about as a profound soul purifier, purging and improving the body’s interior structure and encompassing inconspicuous bodies to interface the physical measurement with the psyche. It centers around inward cynicism and invigorates positive musings and sentiments in its place. With a superior view of the world, Quartz expands mindfulness and lucidity in speculation, and gives upgraded vitality, diligence and persistence, instructing one to live and love with the entirety of humankind.

Physical Healing

Clear Quartz is the leading healer stone, and might be implemented for any condition. It is thought to animate the immune and circulatory structures, upgrading vitality stream and bringing the body into balance. It has been utilized to treat headache cerebral pains, vertigo, in balancing out discombobulation or movement affliction, and is accepted to help with digestion, depletion, and weight reduction.

A Crystal essence taken can be applied to extract poisons from the body and to help in the treatment of stomach related ailments, kidney and bladder contaminations, and to fix the runs. 

Clear Quartz calms excruciating  burns, by soothing inflammation and blisters. A topical remedy is additionally gainful in treating skin issues.

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