Polished Red Jasper Point


Highly polished Red Jasper Point. Jasper when it has bright red energy of impact as this one, is a gem of physical vitality, imperativeness, and security. It is a recuperating gem of the base chakra, an amazing fire component utilized in the south zone of a home, and utilized in the dedications to a few Goddesses.

Wear or convey Red Jasper to ease pressure and reconnect with Earth’s establishing energies. Its purifying impact extracts cynicism, returning it to its source, and settling the air. It is a perfect concern or scouring stone for calming the nerves and reestablishing harmony.

Size: 2 inches in length

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Primary Information

Today, Red Jasper is highly regarded as the Stone of Endurance, a delicate, however indispensable, trigger of chi, or Life Force, bringing physical quality and vitality, endurance, center and assurance. Its consistent recurrence quiets the passionate body making an enduring, stable energy for improving wellbeing or conquering ailment, defining objectives and finishing to consummation, confronting disagreeable undertakings and having the boldness to redress wrongs. Red Jasper enacts the Base Chakra and invigorates the ascent of the kundalini vitality all through the chakras, purifying and fortifying the aura. It is a stone of enthusiasm, helpful for reestablishing and restoring the charisma, and in showing innovative thoughts. It gives clear dream review, and is an amazing stone for the individuals who work with Earth energies to make a profound association with Earth spirits.

Emotional Healing

Red Jasper is a stone of strengthening, carrying solidarity to oppose enthusiastic control by others, and the mental fortitude to defeat abusive behavior at home. It likewise supports those during the time spent mending and recuperating from rough sexual encounters. Red Jasper is an ideal stone of mental fortitude and quality for a kid being prodded or tormented at school. It is a brilliant reminder and an incredible creator of faith. 

Physical Healing

Red Jasper balances the metabolic energies of the body, giving quality and essentialness, and expanding physical endurance. It is especially useful for those requiring additional help during delayed sickness, injury or hospitalization. In light of its capacity to help create muscle tissue, it might be valuable in weight lifting and working out, and to upgrade the impacts of activity.