Smoky Quartz Point Gem Water Bottle


Unique Smoky Quartz Point Gem Water Bottle. It is made of double-layered glass. It contains a bottom piece (“gempod”), filled with a Smoky Quartz Point. 

Smoky quartz relieves fear, stress, anger and unspoken resentment, lifts depression and fatigue, and teaches one how to let go of what is no longer necessary for growth. 

Water is the elixir of life! This gemstone water bottle is designed to attract clarity, purity and fluidity like a natural mountain spring on a crisp clear day. If your personal detox practices are important to you in these hectic times, this particular water bottle offers an additional dimension of energetic cleansing. In the natural healing arts, the healing energy of smoky quartz provides an invigorating cleanse of body and mind.

SIZE: Size is about 240 mm tall and 66 mm wide

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Primary Information

Smoky Quartz is highly regarded as a Stone of Power. To the antiquated Druids, it was hallowed and provided a strong intensity from divine beings and goddesses. In different societies it guided spirits to eternity, served in shamanistic customs and innate functions, and was used in enchantment and scrying to interface with spirits of the lower universes. Smoky Quartz’s wonderful force, at that point and now, lies in its capacity to ensure and ground one genuinely and profoundly to this world, and to assimilate and transmute critical measures of negative vitality and discharge it into the Earth to be killed normally. It gives a crucial shield against mystic assault, passionate and natural pressure, and is utilized broadly in recovery and contemplation.

Emotional Healing

Smoky Quartz permits one to adjust to the light as opposed to being devoured by life. Instead of just surfacing negative energies and internal blockages, this gem tenderly breaks down these energies as it experiences them, permitting positive frequencies to have their spot. It mitigates dread, stress, outrage and implicit hatred, lifts despondency and exhaustion, and instructs one how to relinquish what is not, at this point essential for development. It is a decent stone for individuals who will be self-destructive in nature or undecided about being in manifestation, by helping them grapple with their physical body, their life and their general surroundings. Smoky Quartz acquires help enduring troublesome occasions with poise and resolve, and moves one to be increasingly occupied with the world. It loans the ability to make and change one’s existence and to show one’s fantasies.

Physical Healing

Since Smoky Quartz is normally illuminated, it attracts upon those frequencies to counter negative impacts of radiation, including burn from the sun, presentation to radioactive materials, clinical radiation and chemotherapy. It has likewise been utilized to calm ceaseless torment, muscle issues, migraines and pressure of the shoulders and back.

Like different types of Quartz, Smoky Quartz might be utilized in medicines of the adrenal organs, pancreas, kidneys and different organs of end to vigorously expel poisons from the body. It is accepted to help manage liquids inside the body and the digestion of nutrients.